Thursday, September 25, 2008

well it has been quite a few months/...

and i feel like maybe i should update :)

johanna is doing well .. today was her 1st birthday. i remember when the thought of 1 was not to run through my head due to fear that she might not make it that far. i cried for hours today just looking at her, reminding myself of everything she has been through. she is such a fighter and i cannot express how proud i am to be her mother. she makes me a better person without any doubt at all. i cannot wait to see what other things johanna and i will get ourselves into.


Will's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Johanna! :-)


Janelle said...

look how beautiful she and sean michael are proud that she is spoke for..just make sure she learns to take good care of things cuz he is spoiled...we love her and look forward to all of her milestones..higs and kisses birthda girl