Thursday, September 25, 2008

well it has been quite a few months/...

and i feel like maybe i should update :)

johanna is doing well .. today was her 1st birthday. i remember when the thought of 1 was not to run through my head due to fear that she might not make it that far. i cried for hours today just looking at her, reminding myself of everything she has been through. she is such a fighter and i cannot express how proud i am to be her mother. she makes me a better person without any doubt at all. i cannot wait to see what other things johanna and i will get ourselves into.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

In 3 1/2 months Johanna will be turning 1. Its insane to even think about. I am constantly being told that I shouldn't make a big deal about a party and I understand where they are coming from BUT, johanna turning 1 is a big deal to me. Its such an accomplishment that I want to aknowledge it in a big way. She struggled soo much to be where she is at and the least I can do is make a big deal about it. Only problem is that I have never had to throw a 1st birthday party before so I am kind of stuck.. Any ideas would be fantastic and much appreciated... other than that in some big news, johanna took her first crawling step! It was awesome and I cried for about 30 minutes but I couldn't help it, I was sooo happy!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

bed time disaster

Big problem! johanna will not let me put her down. not for anything. the minute i let her go she is screaming! trying to get her to go to bed this past couple of days has been a nightmare. she wants to be held 24/7, its crazy! haha in other news johanna's masseuse is coming this afternoon to rub her back because obviously she is just sooo stressed, how come they dont come for me? fernando and i went to six flags last weekend and we came home with so many toys for johanna! and a superbaby outfit haha thats all for now, maybe ill update quicker next time haha

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

it my birthday!!!!

yay im 19 today!! woohoo for me!

well now that i got that out of my system....

johanna got a horrible cough yesterday, it was a gross one too, flem and all, at first i was calm about it and thought it would pass, but then for some reason i panicked. Christine ur advice really helped, the shower idea completely loosened up her chest and nose and today she is 100 times better! Also johanna has physical therapy today! she looooves it! a nice nurse comes and plays with her and does all kinds of cool things with her..
oh and this past weekend we went to san diego, it made mothers day very special!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Johanna loves the nightlife!

Or at least that is what I think because what other reason does she have to be up at this time? Haha its kind of odd just because johanna is pretty much set in her night time schedule but I guess tonight she just wanted to hang out all night. She hasn't been fussy, she has jus been playin all night. We have had a pretty hectic past couple of days and you would think she would be exhausted, we all kno I am! A couple of days ago we peirced her ears and she took it suprisingly well, her earings look so cute on her. And, I am happy to report that she is wearing 6-9 months now! We have PT on tuesday, which makes me happy because johanna really enjoys it. They always bring her cool toys to play with. Well I guess im going to try to put the lil munchkin down to bed now.... goodnight/morning

And p.s
I got my license finally! Yay 4 me!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

mom! i can totally do it by myself!

Johanna has decided that when she is eating her baby food, she is going to do it herself. and she really does, licks the spoon so hard it shines!

Monday, April 21, 2008

almost 7 months...

On the 25th Johanna will be 7 months ild. It will be 7 months since the day she was born, at first time moved so slowly, but now it seems like every day is going by quicker. She's babling a lot more and reaching for her toys now. Her favorite toy is her red monkey! She will wrestle it to the ground haha. Johanna also is spending a lot more time on her belly, hoping those crawling skills will kick in soon. Thinkin of makin a trip to so cal for my birthday, hopefully we can go to the beach! The baptism pics will be up soon. The copier is actin silly and making iot hard for me, but they will up soon.